Mid-Range Company with a Small Legal Department

If you are the sole attorney for a company or manage a small legal department, get the extra boost of manpower and expertise you need without paying for more than you need.

  • Add the extra expertise or capacity you need, when you need it to "right-size" your staffing
    A part-time counsel from The General Counsel, Ltd. gives your legal team the extra manpower needed to stay on top of your workload without over-burdening in-house counsel or hiring additional staff. Only need an extra half an attorney to give your staff breathing room? Don’t hire another full-time staff member. Call The General Counsel, Ltd.
  • Serve part-time as counsel for a division or subsidiary
    Provide legal support to separate business units without hiring full-time in-house attorneys for each unit. Our attorneys all have senior-level experience and can step in to support a division or subsidiary with ongoing advice and counsel, regular reporting, and minimal oversight on your part.
  • Manage a subject matter area
    Enhance the capabilities of your in-house legal department by using GCL attorneys with specialized experience to manage a particular legal area, such as compliance, litigation management, licensing, or compliance. Our attorneys have experience across a wide range of areas and can provide the expertise and focus you need.
  • Complete special projects without taxing in-house legal staff
    Get more done without over-working in-house team members. We can handle special projects so you can focus on other matters. Do you have legal projects on your "to-do" list that never seem to get done? Let us help you check them off!
  • Fill in for staff on leave or special assignment
    Keep things moving forward and minimize disruptions in your work flow when an in-house team member is unavailable. GCL attorneys with the experience and capabilities you need are ready to step in and become a part of your team when you need an extra hand.
  • Our affordable rates and fixed monthly fees for regular engagements help you predict and control your legal spending.

Find out how we can solve your legal staffing problems without adding headcount or overwhelming your budget!

The General Counsel, LTD. - The Right Solution.