Small to Medium-Sized Company with No Legal Department

Empower your business with the advantages of in-house counsel without the expense of a full-time legal department.

  • One of our highly experienced attorneys can serve as your part-time General Counsel, fulfilling important functions, such as:
    • Resolving business issues facing your company
    • Managing legal issues and functions
    • Working with outside counsel when required for more specialized matters
    • Providing legal oversight of business operations
    • Practicing "preventive law" to avoid legal problems before they become major headaches
    • Assisting and advising on regulatory and compliance matters
    • Providing general business counsel, with a lawyer's perspective
    • Serving as a "sounding board" for executive team
    • Advising on "best practices" gained from broad experience with other companies
  • Our affordable rates and fixed monthly fees for regular engagements help you predict and control your legal spending.

Discover how we can help you manage legal issues!

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